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The 5th Element came about because our machinist Dan Chavez had a wickedly fast bagger but ugly as hell. We had been brainstorming a few different directions before we started (and even after we started) but finally we came up with a good clean look.

Along with the obvious bagger tricks of stretching the gas tank and switching to 18's, we decided to visually lengthen the bike by moving the bags back and down and stretching the side covers while we were at it. We also fabbed longer/lower fenders, front and rear, which negated the need to refab the back half of the frame, so it didn't interfere with the look.

Since we were going for broke we also fabbed a custom dash that houses a custom L.E.D. fuel gauge. A couple other twists and turns and whole lot of electrical later (cruise control, fuel injection, hidden wiring, gauges and mirrors) and sexytime!