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"Bubba" was a collaboration between U.S. Kustoms, my good friend Dustin McCord, who works for Arlen Ness, and the owner Big Dave. Thanks for bringing us the work Dustin! It started life as a Ness Y2K250 kit that we switched the sheet metal around on and then ended up as what you see here. We narrowed a 21" fender and chromed the mounts before we permanently welded them on to the fender, making for a nice tight mount. Rear fender sheet metal lines were changed to play with the battery box cover stretch. The tribal tarantual taillight design was laser cut in steel and plastic before being welded and glued in flush.

Dustin gets credit for all motor work and final assembly of the bike. Big Dave provided U.S. Kustoms with a tattoo design for the graphics. All paint, airbrush and pinstripe work was performed by Charlie Montgomery and Alex Aguilar utiliziing a combination of Alsa's Mirra-Chrome and House of Kolor kandies.

This was a bitch of a paint job ladies and gentlemen, but well worth it since "Bubba" took a best paint award and a first in it's class at the Arlen Ness Bike Show this year. Bubbalicious.