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The owner of this bike, Jeff Rodgers, came to us with the idea of building a bike that resembled him, in his words "short and wide". Loosely inspired by the Exile look we did our own stylized version. Starting with a '01 injected Softail Standard we added a 200 x 16" rear tire and a 150 x 16" front with raked FL trees, this formed our "wide and low" prettygood.

The front and back fenders were fabbed from scratch, recessing the rear struts and front fender mounts to create a look of precision and slickness, and so they'd match too. We stretched the oil bag down and over the frame in the rear, only after we tapered the frame like an airplane wing first, to add some shape. Since this was a styling excercise, we continued to do untold things to the gas tank as well, moving it up the backbone and forward, recessed the stock speedo and mounts, stretched it and ended up with a bitchin low look. We fabbed a cool little taillight to make the rear seem even fatter, wiring the board from scratch with some of the brightest L.E.D.'s known to man.

Since the customer RIDES the MF daily, we also built a cool rack/pillion combo so he can bring his gear to the gym or go two up. Needless to say, he hardly ever takes the rack off 'cause it works and looks great either way.

So that was round one of Celtic, now it's back at the shop as I write this for some added lovin' in the form of subtle tank graphics and a drive-side pulley-brake system. Also, we're going to swap out the wheels for a set of HDW's with a fatter spoke, you know how we love the fatness.