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On this one, our customer Rob Rollins had a clear vision of what he wanted, keep it Harley, and keep it clean. Also, being a former Marine, he was interested in tying that into the mix somehow. Devil Bitch, er, I mean Devil Hog was soon born. We went with an All-American theme and color, HOK apple red candy w/ Coop devil chick airbrushed on tank (timelessly flashy), and polished/chromed everything else, so it was hard to clean. He came in with 80 spokes and Accutronix forwards and we went "forward" from there.

Naturally, we slipped a 180/18 on a chromed disc with a sprotor and custom conical hub to sorta match the original look of this Softail in '97, but waybetta. We stretched the tanks before welding together, and then frisco'ed it a little and sunk an Auto-Meter Monster speedo to help drive the "concept FXST" look. We shortened and widened the rear fender while slightly tapering it front to back, then laser-cut the taillight to say "Marines" ("M" and "es" are turn signals). He's running our Hellfire exhaust that mount on the tranny, so no fitment issues here.

Since Handsome Rob already had pretty cool forward controls, and since Hellfire's come up so high, we fabbed a set of flush passenger pegs to match the Accutronix design that flip down and scissor out to keep the endless procession of women's shoes from melting on his cool (but hot) pipes. There's lots more subtle fab here, so check it out.