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Grape Ape
What can you say about the second bike you've ever built? Other than, how come we didn't put it on the website sooner? Kind of our old modus operende, built it, slap it on the ass and get rid of it. Our good friend Reggie wanted to take his ugly police bike and turn it into something special, and after witnessing the completion of our very first bike (we still haven't posted that) he decided to be our next victim.

We started by cutting the back of his frame off and internally strutting the stretched fender to support the weight of his old lady and stretched bags. Another cool feature of the bags is that they're hinged from the front, pop open with a solonoid, and then push open using a small gas shock. We wanted to stay away from the chunky booty look of most bagger tails, and dammit if we didn't do it. We lowered and stretched the front fender with the trailing edge matching the angle of the rear fender, making hidden mounts in the process. We fabbed the low dash using L.E.D.'s for vitals and lowered a new factory speedo/tach unit in the leading edge to lower the low look. Pretty cool in my lowly opinion. PM wheels and brakes rounded out the package for a clean po-po makeover.